In 1986 I made the pilgrimage to the mecca of horror, fantasy, and science fiction –
the Ackermansion on 2495 Glendower Avenue in the Hollywood hills,
former home of the legendary Forrest J. Ackerman.

The gate! The gate! At this point I'm hyperventilating with anticipation!
At a ring of the buzzer, Forry answered through a speaker, "Who dares disturb the sleep of the vampire?!"
Is this guy kewl or what?


Forry's orange Cadillac was parked in the driveway.


Locomotion for a rainy day.


In the upstairs living room . . . or is it deadroom?


Project Punway: the classic Ackermonster pose showcasing Lugosi's ring and cape.


Forry on the fone.

Forry and me. I still have that shirt. And have never washed it.


FJA with his "Amazing Forries" Frank R. Paul painting, based upon the pulp to the left.
Forry commissioned the cover painting from Paul for his self-published Amazing Forries bio magazine.


Looking up the number of Domino's Pizza.
(he ordered extra anchovies! How scary is that?!)


In the distance, original Frankenstein lobby cards tacked to a bookshelf!
On the couch in the left foreground, original Basil Gogos FM cover art!
Every nook and cranny jammed with wonderous eye-candy!


Chatting with a fan and answering questions – ever informative and entertaining.
I tried to get her phone number but Forry beat me to it.


Dick Smith's Dorian Gray! The Invisible Ray's "dead battery guy" . . .
Whatever you do, don't pet Flipper! Arrrrrrrrrgh!


Lorre by Gogos!! Just hanging there to touch, lick, whatever!
What the hell is that empty space doing on that bookshelf!!! Put something in there!!!


The deteriorating Stegosaurus from the original King Kong!


Life masks of the dead and famous . . . did I get 'em right?
Top: Boris Karloff, FJA, Lon Chaney Jr.
Center: Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Don Post Senior
Bottom: Glenn Strange, John Carradine, Charles Laughton, Tor Johnson


Memorabilia to the front of me! Memorabilia to the back of me! Sometimes I think I must go mad!
Heaven or hell . . . depending on your POV.

Is that a Harlan Ellison book there?! Oh, my God!


Forry seated, meditating in his invisible state. He likes to do this after eating pizza.


"Didn't I meet you on Outer Limits?" Inside the Garage Mahal.


As memory serves, I believe the red pins in the wall map represented the cities and
countries from where visitors to the Ackermansion hailed.


Forry's alma mater . . . that's all folks!

Click HERE to see the covers I painted for Famous Monsters.

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